Nursing bras


What is a nursing bra?

A nursing bra is especially designed for breastfeeding. You can loosen its cup with one hand, making it easy to breastfeed your baby without taking off your bra. Apart from its functionality, a nursing bra also gives the right support and is more comfortable to wear than a regular bra.

When should you wear a nursing bra?

In principal you wear a nursing bra after your pregnancy when you are breastfeeding. But some wear a nursing bra during their pregnancy as it feels more comfortable than a regular bra due to e.g. its fabric. Where a regular bra could feel tight and cut into your breast, a nursing bra streches and follows the shape of your breasts.

Tip: our non-padded nursing bras are perfect to wear as maternity bra. Due to the soft and stretchy fabric, a nursing bra will stretch if your breasts grow.