Sport motivation


Sport motivation - tips and tricks

We all know that sport is healthy. However, sometimes it is not so easy to find the motivation for it and we think "Tomorrow I start". And the next morning the weather is bad, it is too cold or we suddenly have no more time ... Motivation to do sports comes and goes faster than we would like. But don't worry! With our tips and tricks, you stay motivated all year round, not only when bikini season is around the corner. 😉

Sport Motivation Tip 1: Consistency is the key to success

Nobody is perfect and we all sometimes have mood swings, are tired or stressed. Not every workout always has to be a perfect workout in which you gave your all. You can also slow down a bit on stressful days. The important thing, however, is the consistency! Just do not stop and you will achieve your athletic goals. It is best if sport is an integral part of your routine that you shouldn't miss. A training plan can also be helpful.

Sport Motivation Tip 2: Pack your sports gear the night before

If you pack your sports bag the night before and then take it to work or university, you can start sporting straight away, after your duties. It's not a good idea to make yourself comfortable on the couch at home before you start exercising. If you go straight after work, you are practically on your way and have just cleared the first hurdle.