12 underwear solutions for dresses

You found it! Your dream dress for that party, the holidays or any other special occasion. You’ve found the perfect matching pair of shoes and some nice jewellery. You’re almost good to go! You just can’t figure out which underwear you should wear under your dream dress. No worries, we are here to help! We have the underwear solutions for you! From strapless to fitted dresses, backless and low cut v-neck dresses, there is an underwear solution for each dress! Continue reading and discover our tips.

Dress with open (low cut) back


1. Low back bra straps:attach these straps to your bra hooks, and you can cross them around your torso. These straps fit any bra that has a back closure. Now you can still wear a bra under your backless dress! Shop low back bra straps.

2. Fashion Clip:Are you planning to wear a racerback dress? Change your bra into a racerback bra with a fashion clip. You can hook the clip on the back of your straps to fasten the shoulder straps of your bra in a different position. Shop fashion clips.

3. Stick on bra with cups:you can easily stick this reusable stick on bra with cups on your boobs giving your boobs the support they need but leaving your back and shoulders uncovered. Tip: don’t use any bodylotion or other cremes when you want to wear a stick on bra. A stick on bra is best applied on a dry skin. Shop stick on bras.

Dress with (deep) V-neckline


4. Push-up bra:when you have a dress with a regular V-neck you could wear a push-up bra to create a stunning cleavage. There are different kinds of bras that have a push-up effect. Choose a basic push-up bra if you are wearing a silk dress or a dress made of another thin fabric. Shop push-up bras.

5. Nipple covers or fashion tape: When you plan to wear a dress with a very deep V-neckline you could decide to not wear a bra at all. Keep everything in place with fashion tape and cover up your nipples with nipple covers. Shop bra accessories.

Fitted dress


6. Shapewear body or dress:is your dress very fitted? Wear a shapewear body or dress underneath your dress! Apart from toning your body, shapewear is seamless so you won’t see any lining or seams through your dress. Shop shapewear.

7. T-Shirt bra: t-shirt bras are made of smooth fabric so you won’t see any seams or edges when wearing a fitted dress. T-shirt Bras.

8. Invisible slips:Another tip is to wear invisible slips under a very fitted dress so you won’t see the contours of your underwear through your dress. Shop invisible slips.


Strapless or halter dress


9. Strapless bra: strapless bras have no bra straps or removable bra straps and are the perfect solution for strapless or halter dresses! There are basic or push-up strapless bra for extra volume. These give you the support you need and are the perfect strapless solution. Shop strapless bras.

10. Stick on bra with wings: Another solution for strapless or halter dress are stick on bras with wings. The wings on both sides of the bra keep the bra in place. Even better; this stick on bra is reusable! Shop stick on bras.

See through (lace) dress


11. Shapewear: You want to wear that gorgeous see through dress but don’t want to show of too much booty? Then its best to wear some shapewear as this is seamless and fitted. Is your dress white or extremely see through? Wear skin colored shapewear so you can’t tell you are wearing any. Shop Shapewear.

12. Bra with details: You are going to wear a see through dress but want to show off some skin? Wear a beautiful lace bra or padded bra with details such as small rhinestones to make your look extra special. Shop bras.

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