Pyjama party with your girls

At a pyjama party you invite your best friends to your home and together you can spend a lot of quality time in your favorite pyjamas and just relax. Surely you had pyjama parties with your school friends as a child or teenager and there was nothing more exciting than staying up as long as you can. Pyjama parties in your '' Twenties '' and '' Thirties '' look a little different. Here are our pyjama party tips and suggestions for an unforgettable evening and night with your girls.

1. Who do you invite?

Invite a friend you haven't seen in weeks or months. You certainly have a lot to tell each other and a pyjama party is ideal for this. Quality time for two is wonderful! Or invite your party crew for a change of scenery. Instead of going to your favorite bar like every Saturday, you make it cozy together at home. Who is not wanted? Men are not allowed to be there! 😉

2. Food and drinks

The basis for your pyjama party is of course good food. Make sure that you can feast with your girls properly. Finger food is a good idea. Set up a small buffet with lots of different snacks for the whole evening. Add a few mimosas or homemade cocktails and the evening can only be perfect! Luckily, calories do not count at a pyjama party.

3. The perfect outfit

What are you wearing at your pajama party? One thing is certain: your high heels remain in the shoe cabinet. You exchange these with cozy slippers. For optimal comfort, wear an underwired bra or sports bra under your nightwear. The highlight is of course your pyjamas. Discover the great pyjamas in our Hunkemöller online shop. From shortamas with lace to pyjamas with a lapel collar, you will find the latest trends in nightwear here. Not to miss is a cute sleep mask to ensure your beauty sleep.

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4. Netflix or games

Netflix marathon, monopoly or card games until you drop. Find an entertaining activity that you enjoy. Make sure you selected a great playlist and there is nothing standing in the way of your pyjama party!


5. All about Self-Care

If you prefer to make your pyjama party a little more relaxed, do self-care together. Paint your nails, try a new face mask or hair mask and just with a cup of tea. So relaxing! Such a relaxing evening is much more fun together!


6. Breakfast

What is better than breakfast in bed? Surprise your girls the next morning with a homemade breakfast. What a nice start to the day!