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Ouvert – surprising and sexy

The word "Ouvert" comes from the French and means "open". This describes exactly what Ouverts are. Ouverts are panties or bodies with an open crotch, as well as bras that reveal half or all of the breast. If an award were to be presented for the sexiest lingerie - then ouverts would win hands down. Panties, bodies or bodystockings with an open crotch are the perfect way to surprise your partner, while still leaving a little to the imagination. One truly special benefit is that your most intimate body parts can be touched, without you having to remove your sexy lingerie. As such, ouverts really do provide an erotic thrill!
At Hunkemöller you will find a fantastic selection of Ouverts. The models are particularly sexy and seductive, without coming across as cheap. Discover fantastic Brazilian panties with lace detailling, transparent elements or leather straps, as well as bodies that guarantee your partner will not be able to take his or her eyes off you. Whether you prefer to keep things subtly sexy or like to really show off your sex appeal - here you are sure to find an ouvert that is to your liking.


Tingling eroticism with ouverts

Open-crotch lingerie is particularly good if you want to add a spark of tingling eroticism to your love life. Surprise your partner with an ouvert, and become an irresistible temptress in an instant. Your partner will love it!


Sexy Accessories

To add the finishing touches to your overall look, for a thrilling night with your partner, check out our sexy accessories. How about trying something new? A whip, handcuffs or nipple covers? You are simply guaranteed to have a mind-blowing evening!