Swimwear guide

What swimwear suits your body shape?

Welcome summertime! How we have missed you. But what to wear to the beach? This swimwear guide will help you find the cutest swimwear for your body shape. As every body is unique we have created these tips based on the 5 most commonly known body shapes. And no worries, this guideline is just here for inspirational purposes. You should wear whatever swimwear you feel comfortable in. That you don't have a specific body shape doesn't mean you shouldn't be wearing that specific bikini style. So let us inspire you and enjoy the summer!

Pretty Pear

Do you have a pear shaped body? Read: narrow shoulders and small waist, hips wider than shoulders, and voluptuous (upper) legs. Try to emphasize your upper body! Wear a strapless (bandeau) bikini top to make your shoulders seem wider. Or choose a top with a bright colour and/or print. Are you a little insecure about your lower body? Choose a high waist bikini bottom. It will make your hips look smaller and if necessary will cover up your tummy. Another option that always works is to wear a pareo!


Amazing apple

Are you blessed with thin legs and do you have small hips? And is your upper body shorter and more voluptuous? Than your body has an apple shape. Go for a low rise bikini bottom or a high cut bikini bottom. A low rise bottom will optically extend and highlight your upper body and the latter will make your legs seem even longer! Would you like to conceal your tummy? Pick a swimsuit or tankini with pleats around the waist. The pleats will give your upper body more volume and will emphasize the smallest part of your waist.


Heavenly Hourglass

Do you have a small waist, wider hips and shoulders? Then you have a super feminine hourglass figure. Accentuate your waist and shoulder with a beautiful halter top. Do you have a larger cup size? Make sure you choose a bikini top with enough support. An underwire bikini top with straight straps would be a great option! Pick a monotone colour to make your upper body look smaller but give your look a playful twist by choosing a top with decorations and/or studs.


Astonishing Athlete

Do you have a narrow build with subtle curves? Then you have an astonishing athletic figure. You could wear more eccentric bikini’s to give your figure more shape. For example pick a top with ruffles and a print to make your upper body seem fuller. Or choose a triangle top (with extra padding) to create more volume. To show of your hips you could wear a low rise bikini bottom with adjustable strings. Your hips will definitely look more curvy!


Inverted Triangle

Are your shoulders wider than your hips? And are you fuller on the top than bottom? Than you probably have an inverted triangle bodyshape! You can balance your shape by drawing attention to your lower body. Do so by wearing bright coloured bikini bottoms and choose a darker/plain colour for your tops. Or pick bottoms with some extra cute details such as fringes. If you have a larger cup size it is probably more comfortable to wear bikini tops that give you support. Think of halter top bikini's or bikini's with underwires.


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