Why you should wear a sports bra

We all know that when you are into sports you should pay attention to a healthy diet. But did you also know that your sports bra is important? Do not wear a normal bra when you exercise - whether you have large or small breasts. The material of a normal bra is not intended for sweat. The material of your sports bra, on the other hand, is stretchy and comfortable and can handle sweat. When you exercise in a normal bra, the heat and moisture (sweat) builds up in your bra, which means that bacteria can promote skin inflammation on your breasts.
In addition, your breast are a sensitive area with sensitive skin and the connective tissue can easily wear out (or even tear!). A good sports bra prevents this and provides support for your breast by enclosing your entire breast.

What kind of sports bra?

A good sports outfit is made of breathable and quick-drying material. In addition, it should not rub and it should sit comfortably so that it does not hinder you during training. A sports bra is a must for every woman. A normal bra is not intended for sweat because the material does not breathe and does not stretch. In addition, a normal bra only absorbs the movements to 38%, with a sports bra, however, this is at least 74% of the movements. By using solid materials and wider supports, the breasts move with the body, reducing the risk of chest pain and damage to the breast tissue. What suits you? Our sports bras are divided into three different levels and offer the right support for both light and heavy use. Which sports bra suits you best?

Level 1 support: Our level 1 sports bras are perfect for cup sizes A-D for low-intensity sports such as pilates and yoga.
Level 2 support: Our Level 2 collection has been specially developed to support breasts with cup size B-F for sports with medium intensity such as fitness, spinning and skiing.
Level 3 support: These level 3 sports bras offer maximum support and support for high-intensity sports such as jogging, boxing or crossfit.


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