Maternity Underwear

What is maternity underwear?

Maternity underwear is underwear designed for pregnant women. It is made of soft fabrics that stretch so it can adapt to your changing body and give you the right comfort. But did you know you can also wear regular underwear throughout your pregnancy? As long as it sits comfortable you should be allright. If you do experience discomfort you can always switch to official maternity underwear. Discover which underwear you can wear as maternity underwear!

What maternity underwear do I need?

You want your underwear to be comfortable during your pregnancy. So mind the fabric. Is it made of soft materials? And more importantly, does it stretch? Then you should be fine! As for the styles, here's what you should pay attention to:

Tip: choose at least one size bigger than your regular panty size. This way you have some room to grow.


Brazilians are fine to wear as maternity underwear. They sit low on the hips, so they don't press into your belly as they sit below your bumb.

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If you think it still feels comfortable you can continue wearing thongs. Just make sure to wear thongs that sit low on the hips. Depending on how fast your growing, you can continue wearing your regular thongs in the beginning.


Seamless knickers

As one can tell by its name, a seamless knicker has no seams and that's exactly why this knicker is nice to wear when pregnant. There are no seams to cut into your skin so they are super comfy to wear!


What maternity underwear to wear after giving birth?

Own underwear

After giving birth you tend to slink again so you will get back into your own size (eventually). If it feels comfortable you can soon start to wear your regular underwear again. Perhaps not wear thongs in the beginning as you probably need to wear maternity bandage after giving birth.

High waisted underwear

After giving birth you might want to wear underwear that gives you more support. You can try and see if high waisted underwear feels comfortabel. This way it gives your tummy more support as it usually sits above your belly button.


Boxer shorts

Boxer shorts are also good to wear after your pregnancy. Especially when you still have to wear those huge maternity bandages. These will easily fit in shorts.