All you need to know about maternity bras!

What is a maternity bra?

A maternity bra is a bra made of soft and stretchy materials that accomodates your changing shape. A maternity bra is especially designed to offer more support than your regular bra as it has a wider bra band and straps. If you buy a maternity bra you don't have to invest in new bras everytime your breasts grow slightly.

What is the difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra?

The difference between the two is the fact that a nursing bra has special cups that you can unfasten. This way you can breastfeed without taking off your bra.

When do you need a maternity bra?

This differs per person as some boobs grow faster than others. We therefore recommend that you start wearing a maternity bra once your own bra does not fit anymore or feels uncomfortable. Your breasts will most likely get more sensitive as well. A maternity bra is made of soft fabrics and provides more support so it doesn't annoy your breasts.

How to pick the right maternity bra:

The most important thing when buying a maternity bra is that the maternity bra fits properly and feels comfortable. It shouldn't feel tight or make your breasts spill out of the cups.

Why should you wear a maternity bra?

When your pregnant, your breast can grow up to two cup sizes. Not only do they get bigger but also heavier. This can cause issues such as back and neck aches. A maternity bra offers more support and is designed to prevent and relieve such aches.

Everything you want to know about nursing bras


Tips for buying a maternity bra:

  1. Try on different models and sizes so you know what feels comfortable
  2. Close the bra hook on the tightest hook so you can loosen it when your boobs have grown
  3. Pay attention to the bra straps: the wider the straps the more support you'll get
  4. Also look out for seams, your breasts will most likely get more sensitive so any seam can already annoy you
  5. Ask the store staff for help, they know what to pay attention to and can give you advice regarding sizes

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