What underwear to wear?

What underwear to wear? It's easy for guys, they just pick a pair of shorts and that's it! But for us women it is a whole differtent story. Your bra needs to be comfortable but you might also want it to match your knickers. Then you've found a matching lingerie set but then there might be the problem of visible panty lines if you wear that skinny jeans.. Or you find out that your bra has the wrong color for that shirt.. so many things to take into account..

First decide what you want to wear and then go from there. Once you have your outfit ready it is easier to pick your underwear.

  1. Pick your outfit
  2. Choose your type of underwear
  3. Bra: wear e.g. a push-up under a v-neck shirt or skintoned t-shirt bra under a white shirt Knickers: wear e.g. a thong ujnder your skinny jeans or shapewear under tight fitted dresses.
  4. Match your underwear if desired

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