Bridal Underwear

You said yes to the dress! And you are completely in love with it! Now it is time to find yourself the right bridal underwear. Underwear is always important but in this case even more as it can really complement your dress! So what underwear can you wear under wedding dresses?

Princess or A-line dress

Does your dress have a princess or A-line cut? Wear a bustier or corset to show off your figure. A corset has a shaping effect and enhances your hips and bust. It creates a beautiful waistline.

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Mermaid or trumpet dress

Did you fall in love with a mermaid or trumpet dress (or another tight fitted model)? Complement your dress by wearing shapewear. It will be invisible under your dress so say goodbye to visible panty lines!

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Sweetheart, off shoulder or straight neckline

Does your dress reveal your shoulders? Wear a nice strapless bra so your straps won't be visible. Go for a strapless push-up or maximizer bra if you want to emphasise your breasts.

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High-neck, square or scoop neckline

You can basically wear any kind of bra! Go for a gorgeous bra with lace or a nice push-up bra. Are you dealing with sheer fabric? Than you'd better go with a more basic (strapless) model

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(low cut) V-neck or V-back

For very low V-necks or any v-back dresses it's best to use fashion tape. This will keep your girls together! If your V-neck is not too low cut you can also try out a plunge bra.

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What knickers to wear?

If you are wearing a dress that has a wide bodice (e.g. princess, ball gown, A-line etc.) you can basically wear any type of knicker that you'd like. Simply because it won't show. So go with something that feels comfortable.

If you are wearing a slim fitted dress (e.g. mermaid or trumpet dress) you also have to pay attention to which knicker you wear as you might see panty lines etc. Go for a pair of thongs or invisible knickers to be sure that your knickers won't show.

Tip: Looking for your 'something blue'? Add a touch of blue by wearing this blue garter. Tick of two traditions with one item!