What is a bustier?

A bustier is a combination between a bra and a corset. The difference being that a bustier has a wider bra band that can reach down to your ribs or waist. A bustier shapes your waist hence, the resemblance between a corset and a bustier. Most bustiers have a hooks and eyes closure that can be closed on the back.

How to wear a bustier?

You can wear a bustier the same way as your bra if you want to use it for the same purpose. Do you want to make a fashion statement? Wear your bustier as a top with a cardigan or wear it over your shirt!


Which size bustier?

Do you want to wear a bustier with cups? Then you can wear a bustier in your regular size. Is it a bustier without any cups? Then you can wear your regular shirt size! Are you looking for other types of bras? Check out our complete bra overview for all our bra styles or shop our latest collection! Want to know more about bras? Visit this 3rd Bra free!