A bodysuit is the perfect statement piece for your outfit! It does not only complement your lingerie collection but it is also the perfect item to wear as part of your outfit. And yes, we are referring to your daily outfit. Show off that bodysuit!

Bodysuit as lingerie

Most of you are probably familiar with wearing a bodysuit as lingerie. A body made of lace is an absolute lingerie musthave nowadays! Stir things up every now and then and wear a body instead of a bra and slip. The lace and details make bodysuits super sexy and elegant. You can wear your bodysuit as regular underwear or on special occasions ;)!

Shaping bodysuits

Did you know there are also shaping bodysuits ? Just like other types of shapewear, these bodysuits tones and highlights the right body parts. This type of bodysuit is meant to be worn underneath your clothes. For example, underneath tightfitting dresses.


Bodysuit as outerwear

A bodysuit is not only worn underneath your clothes but can also be part of your outfit nowadays! The good thing about bodysuits is the fact that these are onepieces. So no more shirts that don't stay tucked in or showing off your undies when bending down! Combine a bodysuit with a jeans for a more casual look or wear it with a pair of trousers and a blazer for a classy look. Either choose a basic body or spice up your look with one made of lace (e.g. when going a night out). Bodies are also perfect to combine with a beautiful skirts such as pencil skirts.