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Body shapers are the perfect solution when you want to look slimmer or tighter when wearing specific garments. Think of (tight fitted) dresses or a tight shirt. There are different types of shapewear, a body shaper being one of them. A body shaper mainly focusses on your upper body.

What is a body shaper?

A body shaper focusses on shaping your upper body. It looks like a bathing suit. There are body shapers with bras and ones that you have to wear with a separate bra. You can easily open the bottom of a body shaper with a eye and hook closure.

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What does a body shaper do?

A body shaper makes your upper body look slimmer. It makes your tummy look tighter and it corrects love-handles and visible bra lines on your back. A body shaper focusses on multiple areas: tummy, upper legs, thighs, hips, breasts, back and buttocks. So a body shaper tackles different areas!

When to wear a body shaper?

A body shaper can be worn under different kind of garments as it corrects multiple areas of your body. However, for the best effect, you wear a body shaper under (tight) fitted dresses and tight tops and shirts.

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Body Shaper tips

When buying a body shaper you should check if you should combine it with a separate bra. This is mentioned as 'WYOB' (wear your own bra). Size wise you'd better wear your regular size. Don't pick a size smaller as you might think this will make you look even more skinnier. This often makes you look the opposite and is not that comfortable.

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