5 reasons why you should wear a bra

  1. Your girls can use the support! The right bra does not dig into your skin nor does it leave red marks on your skin. The right bra actually prevents certain physical symptons as it supports your breasts and shoulders. Especially when you have bigger breasts wearing a bra can prevent neck-and back problems.

  2. A bra can boost your confidence. A beautiful bra can boost your confidence just like any other piece of garment. Even though no one else sees it, you know that you are wearing that sexy lace bra. A bra also influences the fit and look of the shirt you are wearing so it actually determines your look as well.

  3. Comfort. Wearing the right bra can make a difference in comfort. Throughout a day you tend to move a lot so you can imagine the extra weight that pulls on your body when your breasts bounce around freely (especially if you have bigger boobs). Also when your boobs are not necessarily big it can feel more comfortable when wearing a bra as it keeps your breast together.

  4. You don't (always) want to show everything you got. When you don't wear a bra you can see the natural shape of your breasts and sometimes even your nipples. Cool if you don't mind, but if need be it is nice to know you can wear a bra to cover up.

  5. Sometimes we want a bit more. Sometimes we want to go up a cup size or sometimes we just want to create a little more cleavage, either way, a bra can instantly give your boobies a boost! Wear a bra with underwires to go for a subtle lift or go all out with a push up bra!

BUT: it is very important that if you wear a bra, you wear the right bra (in terms of sizeand shape). Also bare in mind that wearing a bra 24/7 is also not good for your body. Your breasts can use the support during the day when you are active, but when you are sleeping they also deserve some rest. Furthermore it is also important that you wear a bra because you are comfortable with wearing one. If you rather not wear a bra you simply shouldn't.

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