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5x underwear mistakes we've all made!

Sometimes we make the wrong choice or discover afterwards that we could have done something differently and this definitely also happens when it comes down to lingerie. But no worries, we've all been there! And that's why we thought it would be fun to share 5 underwear mistakes that we've all made.

  1. Wear a smaller bra size to create a push-up effect
  2. Did you know this actually does the opposite? In most cases it just makes your breast look smaller as they are basically squashed instead of lifted. It also doesn't feel comfortable (think of wires poking into your skin and digging bra straps). So it is better to stick to your own bra size and wear a different type of bra like a push-up or a balcony. They give your breasts the desired effect!

  3. Forget the washbag
  4. Washbag? Which washbag? Or you do know it is better to wash your bra by hand but otherwise use a washbag when you rather wash it in the washing machine. Trust us it better! Not only for oyur bra but also for your washingmachine. It's the worst when your favourite bra is missing a wire (and even more if this wire is missing in the machine). So you'd better wash your bras in a wash bag when you want to use the washing machine.

  5. Peep show
  6. Your outfit looked on fleek when you checked it in the mirror at home! But once in the office (especially in that terrible office light) you noticed that you should have worn that (skin coloured) t-shirt bra as everyone can see what gorgeous bra you're wearing. Always try and check whether your shirt is see-through in daylight so you know for sure you are not showing off more than you want.

  7. Wrong bra size
  8. Did you know that no woman wears the same bra size throughout her life..? Your breasts can change size due to e.g. hormons or weightloss. Because our body continuously changes it often happens that we are not wearing the right bra size. It is recommended that you have yourself measured every know and then to make sure you are wearing the right size. Or measure yourself by means of this tool.

  9. Wrong knickers
  10. Apart from wearing the wrong bra it probably also happened once that you wore the wrong pair of knickers! Back in the days you were considered cool in high school if you were showing of your underwear (remember that trend to wear your pants a bit lower so everyone could see your thongs..) but nowadays you'd rather keep this to yourself. That's why it is good to know all the different types of knickers so you know which one to wear best. Did you by the way know that the shape of your butt also influence the way knickers look on your body? Discover the perfect knickers for you!