How to put on a bra

If you wear a bra for years already you have probably gained quite some experience already. You've probably fastened your bra hooks over a thousand times and are a real pro by now. But maybe you have just started wearing a bra, or need to get your first bra, and want to know more about this matter. No worries, it is not as complicated as one might think. With these simple steps you know exactly how to put on your bra.

1. Put your arms through the straps:
Unless you want to put on a strapless bra, you first start by putting your arms through the bra straps and placing these over your shoulders. You can use the clasp on your bra straps to adjust them.

2. Fasten your bra in the back:
Fasten your bra by connecting the clasps on the back of your bra band. One end has 1 or more hooks that is supposed to go into the loop(s) on the other end.

Variation: Find it hard to fasten it on the back? Then fasten the clasps in the front before you put your arms through the straps.Then turn it around and put your arm through the straps.

Tip: close it on the loosest hook so you can tighten it when the fabric has stretched over time.

3. Move your breast into the cups:
It is important to fill the cups with all your breast tissue. Do so by lifting each breast so it sits properly in the cup. No tissue should be hanging over your cups near your armpits. Also make sure your underwire is underneath your breast.

Now you know how to properly put on a bra! Want to put these tips into practice? Shop some gorgeous bras from our latest collection. Looking for more inspiration? Discover if you are wearing the right bra or read more about shopping for your first bra!