My first bra

We have all been there (or will experience it sooner or later): you need your first bra. You might feel embarrassed about it and have no clue what to do next. Going bra shopping with your mum? No way! You are not sure how to approach this, but we totally get it that you first want to do some research on your own. That's why we've made these tips to help you out. And if we can give you a tip, you can always ask your mum for help as well. She most likely wears a bra herself, so she won't be faced at all if you ask for her help!

Some girls can't wait to shop their first bra, because they think it is cool or because their girlfriends also wear bras. But others find it a bit embarrassing to start wearing a bra as they are sometimes the first in their class to need one. But you know what? It's absolutely normal to wear a bra. Every girl needs one and when you grow older you'll see that it is actually fun to go bra shopping! There is no need to feel embarrassed at all. And we all have our moments when we are not satisfied with our boobs (also grown-ups). But we have them anyways, so we have to deal with it and might as well enjoy shopping for bras!

When do you need your first bra?

It differs per person when you need your first bra so this is not determined by age. Every body grows and develops at its own speed. So when do you need a bra? When you don't feel comfortable without one, if you can see them through your shirts or if they start hurting when walking and/or sporting. Then the moment has come to start wearing a bra.


Which bra size do you need?

30 A, 34 B, 38 C.. It's like a secret language! A bra size is not that complicated though if you know how to read it. The numbers represent the chest size under your breasts. What about the letter? The letter represents your cup size and relates to the size of your breasts. A stands for a smaller size, where F represents a bigger size. You can have yourself measured in a Hunkemöller store to discover which bra size you need. We get that this might be scary, so we also have an online guide on how to measure your own bra size. With this video tutorial and this special tool it is easy to discover the right bra size for you! Tip: ask your mum for help, she probably knows her way with a measuring tape!

Buying your first bra: what should you pay attention to?

The most important thing about your first bra is that it should be comfortable. Your breasts are growing so they can be more sensitive. Comfort is key! (do bare in mind that you probably need to get used to wearing a bra, this is normal). It is also important that your first bra provides the right support. Many girls therefore start with a bra without underwires and soft cups.

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Where to shop for your first bra?

You can buy your first bra in store together with for example your mum. The benefit of going to an actual store is that the shop assistant can help you to find your first bra and give advice. Your first bra should fit like a glove, shouldn't be too tight and should cover your breasts properly. If you want to know exactly how a bra is supposed to fit you can check out this page! But if you think it is too scary to go to the shops to buy your first bra you can always buy it online as well. Use this tool to discover your bra size and ask for example your mum to help you order your bra online. This way you can fit the bra at home in your own room and see what feels comfortable. Tip: try out different bras so you can compare them and discover what feels right. You can easily return or exchange the bra's that you don't want.!