Terms & conditions for win competitions organized by Hunkemöller B.V.

About the win competitions

1.          The win competition is organized by Hunkemöller B.V. having its place of business in Hilversum, the Netherlands, at the Liebergerweg 28 (1221 JS), hereinafter referred to as ‘Hunkemöller'. The prize will be distributed by Hunkemöller.

2.          Only Members of the Hunkemöller Member programme (hereinafter ‘the Member’) can participate in a win competition. Depending on the specific competition, it can be entered as follows:

2.1. Become a Member & win; or

2.2. Shop, redeem a voucher & win; or

2.3. Download the latest version of our Hunkemöller app, answer a question in the app & win; or

2.4. Spin the Wheel of Passion & win.

3.          Participation in a win competition is free.

4.          Immediately after the end of the win competition, the winner(s) will be selected randomly (via an automated tool) from all participants in all countries.

5.          Hunkemöller's employees, partners, or affiliates cannot participate in any win competition.

6.          Members entering the competition must be 18 years or older.

7.          Each member can participate once per win competition.

8.          The prize(s) can vary per country and language chosen in the app. The countries where the win competition is applicable are Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Norway and the United Kingdom. There can be differences between the win competitions per country.

9.          Prices that can be won can differ per win competition. Hunkemöller has the right to change the prize(s) without notice. The prices that can be won and the amount of it will be communicated at each win competition.

10.        Preferred size may not available as sizes are subject to availability.

11.        The prize(s) cannot be exchanged for cash or for another gift.

12.        The winners will be drawn and informed via email maximum 1 week after the end of the win competition. The selected winner must react within 5 working days to the message or the right to the price will be forgiven. Hunkemöller might ask the participants to share their bra size, brief size and address details relevant to the prize(s) in question (including phone number and email address) to receive the prize(s). This data will only be stored for the purpose of sending the prize(s) to the winner.

13.        The prize(s) will be sent to the Member’s personal address within 2 weeks after the end of the competition, provided that the winner has sent through their home address within the given time.

14.        Hunkemöller will use the information provided by the participants of the competition for the purpose of communicating on the win competition and sending the prize(s). For more information, please view the Hunkemöller privacy statement: https://www.hunkemoller.co.uk/privacy.html.

Conditions applicable to the Wheel of Passion win competition only

15.        The Member can participate in the Wheel of Passion win competition by virtually spinning the wheel, after which a prize or no prize will automatically appear.

16.        A certain number of prizes are placed in a pool in advance. The prize a Member will win in the Wheel of Passion win competition will be selected randomly. The prizes available in the current Wheel of Passion: 40 x voucher Buy 3 nightwear get 1 pair of socks for free , 40 x voucher Buy 1 GLAM item get 25% off 1 kimono , 40 x voucher Buy 2 shapewear items get 20% off* , 40 x voucher 20% off onesies*, 40 x voucher 10 EUR off bodies *

17.        When the Wheel of Passion win competition is available, the Member can play a maximum of 1 time per 24 hours.

General conditions

18.        Hunkemöller has the right to change the terms and conditions of this competition, however the terms & conditions will not be amended to the disadvantage of the participants during the period of validity of a win competition.

19.        Hunkemöller cannot be held responsible in any way for delays or technical problems caused by internet service providers.

20.        By participating in a win competition, the participants declare that they accept these terms & conditions, as well as the decisions made by Hunkemöller in order to guarantee a fair result.

21.        Comments or questions relating to a win competition can be shared via our contact form: https://www.hunkemoller.co.uk/contact or in writing to Hunkemöller, attn. the Customer Care department, PO Box 386, 1200 AJ, Hilversum, after which Hunkemöller will contact you in writing or by telephone within three weeks of receipt of the complaint.

22.        After each win competition, Hunkemöller will make sure that a declaration of any tax on games of chance will be submitted to the relevant authority.

23.        This competition is subject to the Dutch laws and the games of chance code (Gedragscode voor promotionele kansspelen).

Established by Hunkemöller International B.V. in Hilversum, The Netherlands, 24 May 2023.