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  • Hosiery

    Discover the broad hosiery collection from Hunkemöller now easily online. Have you already bought a beautiful lingerie set, but looking for something to finish look? Complete the look now with a suspender and matching stockings. We sell different kinds of hosiery;  hold ups, tights, stockings and suspenders. Don’t you know what the difference is between a hold up and a stocking? Read the explanations below!

    StockingsStockings are worn with a suspender. Clip on the top of the stockings onto the suspender so they will be secure and have a sexy look and feel.

    Hold upsHold ups are worn without a suspender. They have a silicone strip attached at the inside of the hold ups which will make sure that the stay-up will stay in the correct place the entire day.

    Tights – Hunkemöller has a broad tights collection with different patterns and deniers. You can buy a basic tights or a fashion tight with a flower print.