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  • Pamela Reif

    As you might know we have launched our very first blogger collection in July 2017. The Hunkemöller blogger collection is a collection designed in collaboration with a well known fashion blogger and now we are about to launch another Hunkemöller blogger collection! On the 19th of August, we will launch a blogger collection in collaboration with German fashion blogger Pamela Reif. This blogger collection is all about lingerie and is a collection to look out for!

    German fashion blogger Pamela Reif is one of the biggest influencers in Germany. She likes to inspire and motivate people through her Instagram Pamela_rf and her very own app. She shares content on fashion, beauty, travel and fitness. And now she has designed her very first lingerie collection together with Hunkemöller. Pamela’s goal is for every woman to feel breath taking in her  Pamela_rf Blogger Collection . In her own words: “Every woman is beautiful. It just takes the right lingerie to emphasise the beauty that you already have”. One thing is sure, this is a lingerie collection to look out for! Can’t wait with shopping? Discover our current lingerie collection or get inspired on this page!

  • What can you tell us about the collaboration with Hunkemöller? How did it start?

    Working with Hunkemöller was a pleasure from the very beginning. Since we started talking about the idea of the collection, the concept, designs etc. I always felt really comfortable because they understood my wishes and were always able to realize what I had in my mind. And of course their great experience made me trust the team even more!


    Can you tell us more about the collection?

    My collection is a young, fresh & still sexy lingerie collection, that plays with a mixture of beautiful fabrics, colors and the latest trends. Cute straps, cut outs, sheer mesh, soft velvet, and lace are just a few of the features we worked with. There are very feminine and sexy bodysuits, rather sporty bralettes, different styles of bras and panties and also gorgeous homewear. And what I love most is that every single item has unique little details that you sometimes only see at second glance!


    What is your favourite item from your own collection?

    It’s so hard to choose my favorite item since I love all of them! But if I had to choose one I would probably go for the blue velvet bralette with the high rise pantie or the pink lace bra. The blue combination looks super fashionable and a bit sporty, while still being cute with the cut outs and the soft velvet. And the pink lace bra is a typical feminine and girly item I would wear day in and day out haha.


    How would you define your style?

    My style is a combination out of feminine and sporty. I like to accentuate the body while still looking casual. And I love including little details to make things special!



    Tell us 3 fun facts about you

    1. I love sleeping. I’m 100% sure that I don’t sleep enough but that’s also why I try to get every minute of it, no matter where I am. I fall asleep in the taxi, tram, at the airport and sometimes even in public places.

    2. Some might not expect it, but I can be a bit shy and reserved when you first meet me. I always have to get to know people before I appear as open as I actually am.

    3. I don’t need a lot of variation when it comes to food. I’ve basically eaten the same breakfast (granola bowl) for about 4 years and I still look forward to it every single morning! I always say: "I stick to what I love“ haha ..


     What is your motivation that keeps you going every day?

    As soon as you see results you are extremely motivated to keep going and to work harder - this refers to almost everything in life. And of course I also feel super inspired and motivated by the feedback of my followers, that I receive every day!


    When do you feel your most beautiful self?

    … when I’m in my most beautiful set of lingerie!