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Reports, Policies and Commitments

Our commitment to sustainability is firmly embedded in our business strategy, policies and practices. We have defined a roadmap for 2025 and beyond that relies on a collaborative approach, engaging with stakeholders to tackle industry challenges, share best practices and drive positive change. Over the coming years we will work towards reducing the carbon footprint across our entire value chain and uphold the standards of fair trade and social equality. We will empower our employees to become agents of change within our organization by becoming sustainability ambassadors who will catalyse internal change. We will also continue to invite our stakeholders to engage with us on the topic of sustainability.

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Sustainability objectives

To advance our work, we have set ourselves specific goals, divided into three main themes - the working environment, the environment and community.

Working environment

• Increase the transparency in our supply chains to include 3rd tier suppliers by 2025.

• Collaborate with other industry peers to improve the production wages with 50 percent (based on wage level of 2018) before 2024 to achieve Living wages.

• Ensure fair working conditions for 65.000 workers by 2024.


• Reduce our Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

• Reduce the amount of packaging and textile waste by phasing out 75 percent of virgin plastic used for packaging and in our retail operations by 2024.

• Increase the amount of sustainable materials used in our products by 25 percent in 2024.  


• Enhance the communities in which we are active and establish sustainability as the norm in the regions in which we operate through stakeholder collaboration.


Past sustainability reports

Sustainability report 2021

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