We want, to ensure that people are valued and cared for. Our ‘Inclusion and Diversity strategy’ aims to increase representation and make sure that employees are treated fairly and respectfully with equal opportunities and resources

Community & Projects

Helping to improve supply chains both at a social and an environmental level.
We've teamed up with Solidaridad, an NGO whose goal is to help improve supply chains both socially and environmentally. This will allow us to better understand and help the communities that we work with and encourage sustainable practices. Here are two of the projects that we are involved with

Better Mills project - Bangladesh

Helping to identify the risks of wet-processing
This is the processing stage of production at which dyes and chemicals are added to the fabric. These processes use large amounts of water and can cause significant environmental damage if not done properly. The ‘Better Mills Project’ will help us evaluate the risks related to wet-processing

Wage management Project - China

Helping to establish a fair living wage for people working in our supply chain
We want to make sure that the people who work with our products are paid a fair living wage. That’s why we’re participating in the ‘Wage management project’. The goal is to ensure effective wage systems and improve wage risk management.

Responsible Purchasing Practices

We will join the ‘Learning and Implementation Community’ in order to learn how to improve our purchasing practices so that we can develop efficient and sustainable practices

Pink Ribbon

We want to do our part to help in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. That’s why we are giving financial support to ‘Pink Ribbon’, a charity that not only researches breast cancer but also is involved in the treatment and aftercare of cancer survivors