Our tankinis



The tankini is one of the most populair bikini tops! Nowadays you can find so many tankini styles and colours. It has been an ultimate bikini favourite for years!

But what is a tankini?

A tankini is basically a combination between a bikini and a tanktop. Hence, its name. A tankini has a long top an is the perfect swim piece for women who would like to cover up their upper body.

Do you feel a bit uncomfortable lying on the beach in bikini? Or are you looking for something different than a bathing suit? Or are you maybe pregnant but still keeping it a secret? Then a tankini is the perfect bikini top for you! There are tankinis that have a loose-fit, perfect for covering up, and ones that are tight fitting. Perfect for showing off your curves!


Tip: choose a tankini with pleats to create and emphasize your waistline. These tankinis will make you look slimmer! Or if you want to spice it up, go for a tankini with a low cut neckline to create the perfect cleavage! Are you looking for new swimwear? Check out our latest swimwear collection! Or are you pregnant? Check out how to enjoy your bump and the beach!