Are you looking for a fashionable bathing suit? Or are you looking for something different? Then we have good news! The monokini is the bathing suit trend this summer!!

What are monokinis?

A monokini is basically a bikini top and bottom sewn together. It looks very similar to a regular bathing suit. The difference being that it doesn't cover up your whole body so it is the sexy version of a bathing suit.

Versatile styles

The way that these two pieces are sewn together is what makes the monokini so fashionable. The top is often attached to the bottom by means of a thin piece of fabric so monokinis often have sexy cut-outs.

The monokini emphasizes your curves and instantly creates this feminine and fashionable look! Finish your beach look with the right accessories and beach clothes. Or check out our bathing suits or new bikini collection!
Tip: a monokini is also the perfect top to wear as festival outfit or to a beach party! Just as a body, you can easily wear a monokini as daily top. Make a fashion statement and wear your monokini as festival outfit! Combine your monokini with a cute jeans short or skirt and give a twist to your outfit!

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