Your type of legging

We are proud to present our three types of sports leggings. "The Flex" made of comfy cotton is your ultimate everyday legging and perfect for low intensity work outs. For more intensive work outs we have designed "The Performer" made of quick dry fabric. This legging gives you just a bit of extra confidence for your work out. Are you looking for a high quality legging that provides extra support? Check out "The Power" legging. Choosing the right legging has never been this easy!

The Flex

Who says sportsleggings are just for the gym? Made of super soft cotton, The Flex is a legging you’ll want to live in; for sport, for everyday wear and of course to just look great.


The Performer

Hands up for a legging that will make you want to work out. Using polyester and a sports fabric that dries super quick, The Performer is a legging that’s got you covered for both sport and everyday style.


The Power

Are you ready to feel ‘The Power’? Made of compression fabric that’s designed to hug and support in all the right places, The Power leggings are perfect for serious workouts yet comfy and stylish enough to wear all day long.