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Skiwear by Hunkemöller - Look great from the piste to the bar!

Yay! Finally, the ski season begins! There is nothing better than to jet down the slope on a sunny day with perfect snow. It goes without saying that you want to look great. We can not blame you, because a day in the snow is even more fun with stylish ski clothing! Discover the new winter sports collection from Hunkemöller and upgrade your ski or snowboard outfit.

Sustainable ski clothing

Sustainable and at the same time so chic! The ski jackets, ski pants and ski overalls of the Hunkemöller winter sports collection are made of high-quality left-over fabrics. These fabrics would have otherwise been destroyed. What this means? No other fabric had to be created for this collection - the environmental impact is therefore much lower.

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How should you dress for a day in the mountains?

Under no circumstances should you freeze on the slopes! Those who are freezing are simply dressed the wrong way. So, what do you have to pay attention to? Learn all the tips and tricks for a perfect day in the mountains.

Ski jacket

It is important that your ski jacket keeps warm, looks good and has pockets. That's where you can keep your ski pass handy.


Our ski jackets are made of durable material and are 100% water-repellent, windproof and breathable to keep you warm and dry! The sleeves have sewn-in cuffs with holes for your thumbs. These ensure that there are no gaps between your sleeves and your gloves. The ski jacket also has zipped pockets to safely store the most important things, such as your ski pass.

Ski pants

Ski pants are absolutely necessary and will protect you from the cold and wind. In addition, ski pants are water and snow impermeable. If you are slippering downhill skiing, then you will not be dripping wet after that, but you can continue skiing carefree – and still warm – afterwards!


Ski overalls

The fashionable alternative! A ski overall keeps you warm because wind, snow and cold have no chance of getting in between pants and jacket. In addition, you also make a fashion statement with a ski overall. What’s not to love?

Ski sweater

Under your ski jacket you wear your ski sweater. Stylish ski sweaters are available at Hunkemöller in great designs and with great patterns or semi-coloured. Although you can not see your sweater on the slopes – the look still matters! As soon as you stop in a bar, you will take off your ski jacket and steal the show with a warm-keeping and at the same time modern ski sweater.

Don’t forget the accessories!

When it comes to your ski outfit, your accessories are not optional. Accessories are indispensable! Think of warm gloves, hats, scarves and ski goggles to stay completely warm - in wind and weather.


Remember to wear a sports bra. Even if it may not feel like you are doing sports, skiing is still a lot of exercise. A sports bra is made to comfortably support you with every movement with its breathable fabric.

HKMX Skiwear collection:

Our skiwear collection is made of durable material to ensure that you not only look good during the ski season, but also feel good!

All products are:

  1. Snow and water resistant: they repel the snow to keep you warm and dry.
  2. Windproof: To protect you from the cold air
  3. Breathable: So that the moisture that arises during sports can also escape.
  4. Insulating: to keep you warm.
  5. light: So that you don't feel restricted in your movement


Your checklist for ski and snowboard clothing

Warm ski socks

Skiing underwear

Ski pants

Ski goggles

Ski sweater

Gloves, hat, scarf


Ski wear musthaves