Home workout: HKMX x Bootyclub

A home workout is a great alternative to a visit to the gym. You don't necessarily need dumbbells and weights to stay fit. Together with June from the Bootyclub, we created a workout for your home that will get your Booty in shape. 😊 Try it out and get moving. You will feel great afterwards!

Tips and tricks for your home workout

No gym? No problem! You can easily turn your living room into your own gym. So nothing is holding you back from your home workout.

• Turn your living room into a gym. Move your couch if you don't have enough space and remove all pitfalls on the floor. You don't need a lot of space, but you should be able to easily stretch your arms out to the side.
• Even if you are at home and comfort is now a priority, it is recommended that you wear sports shoes during your workout. This reduces the risk of slipping and prevents injuries.
• Invest in a new sports outfit - this gives you more motivation and you will do your workout at home more efficient if you feel comfortable in your sports outfit. 😊
• If you are at home for a long time and maybe even work from home and sit at your desk for several hours, then you can easily get neck or back pain. Small stretches and workouts in between help you to avoid tension.

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