Can you keep a secret?

Our Secret Shopper is hiding. Can you follow the clues and guess who it is? She is the ultimate Shero and loves to share her inspiration. She has left something in our newsletter for you..

Sign up and follow the hunt starting Monday the 10th of May to be in with a chance of winning £1000 worth of Hunkemoller lingerie!

Check out the T&Cs below.

Terms and Conditions Secret Shopper Scavenger Hunt from Hunkemöller International BV

  • · A registered Hunkemöller Member can use special promotions from Hunkemöller. These promotions are put together by Hunkemöller. The promotions are valid as long as the Scavenger Hunt is live and as long as there is enough stock.
  • · This Scavenger Hunt is organized by Hunkemöller International B.V. and participation is exclusive for Hunkemöller members via the latest version of the app and social channels.
  • To have a chance to win the overall Grand Prize, £1000 worth of Hunkemoller products, the participant needs to be registered with the Hunkemoller Newsletter, download the Hunkemoller app and be a registered Member of Hunkemöller, and follow Hunkemoller on Instagram from 10-05-2021 until 13-05-2021 23:59.
  • · Participants who publicly share the competition clues with other participants will forfeit their competition entry and be automatically disqualified from winning the Grand Prize.
  • · Members can join the competition via the newsletter, the app and Instagram. The first step of joining should be done by signing up to the Hunkemoller Newsletter and following the instructions in the newsletter. The participant then needs to download or go into the Hunkemöller app to receive an in app message with a clue. The final steps are to follow Hunkemoller on Instagram and send a private message to the Secret Shopper Instagram account with your Hunkemöller member email address.
  • · The Member can participate in the Scavenger Hunt for a period of 4 days.
  • · Hunkemöller will only use the details provided by the Member for the purpose of this campaign. These contact details are only saved for the purpose of this campaign and will afterwards be deleted.
  • · The prize winner needs to have a minimum age of 18 years old.
  • · Hunkemöller maintains the right to change the campaign at any time or moment, add prizes to the campaign or to end it without making an announcement.
  • · Hunkemöller maintains the right to change the campaign at any time or moment, add prizes to the campaign or to end it without making an announcement.
  • · Hunkemöller is not responsible for packages that are lost, delays or technical defects that are caused by the internet providers or post, in whatever form this may be.
  • · Participating in this Scavenger Hunt means the Member agrees to these terms and conditions and to any decisions that Hunkemöller is obliged to take to ensure that this Scavenger Hunt runs smoothly, if this is due to factors outside Hunkemöller’s reach.
  • · Complaints with regard to this campaign can be sent on paper to Hunkemöller, with referral to Customer Care, P.O. Box 369, 1200 AJ Hilversum, where within a period of 3 weeks after receiving the complaint, Hunkemöller will contact the member by telephone.
  • · Apple is in no way involved with this campaign.
  • · On this campaign, the laws of the Dutch law system are applied. In The Netherlands, the Dutch advertisement code and behavioural code for promotions with a chance to win prizes. are applied.
  • · By participating in this campaign the participant agrees to the above terms and conditions.

· Made by Hunkemöller International B.V. in Hilversum April 2021.