Privacy Statement Hunkemöller

Hunkemöller B.V. (Hunkemöller or we and our) consider(s) your privacy to be very important. In this privacy statement we would like to inform you about the manner in which your data is processed and how we will treat your information confidentially.

We will process your personal data at different points in time, for example, if you order a product in our web shop or do so using the Hunkemöller app. In your capacity as a member, you may also avail yourself of our loyalty programme, which is linked to your online member card.

Hunkemöller is the party responsible for processing your personal details. In so far as this is legally required, Hunkemöller has notified the Dutch Data Protection Authority [Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens] (formerly the College bescherming persoonsgegevens). You may find the relevant notice in the public register on the Data Protection Authority’s website.

We may amend this privacy statement from time to time. We therefore recommend that you consult this privacy statement regularly, so as to ensure that you are always up-to-date with our current privacy policy.

This privacy statement was last updated on; 24-02-2020.

  1. What are the purposes for which we process your personal data?

    We will only use your personal data for the following purposes:

    • to process and fulfil your orders and respond to your requests;
    • to bring our products and services into line with your requirements;
    • to keep a record of your personal preferences;
    • to present you with personal suggestions and recommendations in relation to our products and services;
    • to implement our loyalty programme for members;
    • to improve our services;
    • to inform you about our products, services, events and promotions;
    • to be able to present you with personalised advertisements and offers;
    • to conduct analyses and produce aggregated reports;
    • to deal with feedback and handle any complaints;
    • to secure our data processing;
    • to protect individuals and property;
    • to counter fraud;
    • to comply with our legal obligations.
  2. Become a member

    1. In order to ensure the most pleasant possible use of our web shop or the Hunkemöller app, we recommend that you create a My Hunkemöller account for this purpose. As a member it is a simple matter for you to maintain a wish list, it is even easier to place orders, and you will be recognised when you place a subsequent order, making it even easier to shop with us. You can create a My Hunkemöller account in our web shop or the Hunkemöller app using your email address or by logging in through your Facebook account.
    2. If you create an account in our web shop by entering your email address, we will link your Member Card number to the email address which you submit. Should you not yet have a Member Card number, you will receive one from us when you create your account. When you create an account, we will record or ask you to supply the following details: your name, a password chosen by you, the country in which you live, your personal preferences for the use of our web shop or the Hunkemöller app, and whether you consent to receiving direct marketing messages. You can manage your personal details and consents through your account and your Member Card, and you may cancel your account.
    3. If you create a My Hunkemöller account by linking it to your Facebook profile, in addition to the above-mentioned details, we will also process any information sourced from your public Facebook profile which is required to identify you as the user of your account and to be able to contact you.
    4. If you log in through your My Hunkemöller account to place an order, the details of that order will be automatically linked to your account, when you place your order through the web shop. In this way you will have an overview of what you have previously purchased from us and it will be possible for us to deal with your order even more efficiently. The same applies if you place an order through the Hunkemöller app. If you place an order, we will process all of the information that is required to fulfil that order, including your name, delivery and/or other address, email address, the details of your order and payment, and any feedback.
    5. You may also become a member by purchasing a physical Member Card in any of our stores and registering it in the store or subsequently online. Should you consent to this, in addition to your Member Card number and partly on the basis of your purchases, we will also process the following data in order to provide you with all of the benefits of our loyalty programme, to present you with personal offers, suggestions and recommendations, and to give you welcome and birthday gifts: your name, email address, purchases and also the following information: your bra size, sexy shape and favourite fits, and the reward points which you have saved and those which you have used.
  3. Online shopping without an account

    1. You may also shop in the web shop without an account. In this case we will only process the following personal data pertaining to you as required to ensure that your order is dealt with properly: your name, delivery and/or other address, email address, the details of your order and payment, and any feedback.
    2. The Hunkemöller app also provides various functions which you can also use without registering, such as the possibility to view our products, to scan product information in our stores and to look for the Hunkemöller store which is closest to you.To download and use the Hunkemöller app we will require details of your smartphone or tablet (such as its IP and MAC address, model and operating system). If you consent to this in so far as is legally required, we may also process data pertaining to your use of the Hunkemöller app (such as the pages of the app which are viewed, for how long and how often) and your location details. We will use this information for the following purposes: to provide you with mobile communication services and messages (through the app's inbox), to offer you coupons in the Hunkemöller app, and to optimise our services.
    3. Collecting orders in a store
    4. If you buy products through our web shop or the Hunkemöller app, you may decide to collect them in one of our stores. When you collect your order, we may ask you to present proof of your identity. We will only check your identity document to establish that you are entitled to collect the order. We will not record those details. We will only record your name, the date when the order arrived and when it was collected, the details of your order and payment, and any feedback.
  4. Free Wi-Fi in our stores

    1. If you visit one of our stores, you may use the Wi-Fi network which we provide free of charge. In order to gain access to it you may register using your Hunkemöller app or your Facebook account.
    2. If you use our Wi-Fi network, we will process your log-in details, such as your name, email address, password, Member Card number and/or the details of your public Facebook profile, depending on the manner in which you decide to register yourself. In addition, we may process the details of your smartphone or tablet, such as its IP and MAC address, model and operating system, location, time and language settings.
    3. If you register through your Facebook account and you decide in favour of this, we will also process – but only with your consent – those of your social media activities which you decide to share with your network when you use our free Wi-Fi network, for instance, whether you like or follow our social media profiles or you log into a store's location through your social media account. We will never post messages on your social media profile of our own volition or without your consent.
  5. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

    1. If the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet is switched on while you visit one of our stores, our system can identify your smartphone or tablet. Our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sensors will then process the MAC address emitted by your device and determine your location whenever you are in or near one of our stores. We use this information to analyse how many customers visit our stores at any one time and how long they stay in our stores. We do not use this information to analyse the behaviour of individual customers but only to collect statistical data about our stores. Furthermore, we only receive statistical data.
    2. If you do not want the WiFi or Bluetooth signal from your smartphone or tablet to be identified, you can switch off this signal. You can usually find the MAC address under 'About' in the Settings menu on your smartphone or tablet.
  6. Direct marketing

    1. We may send you newsletters, invitations to events or other marketing messages. If required by law, we will request permission to do so through our web shop, the Hunkemöller app or a store.
    2. In order to send you personalised direct marketing messages, we may link your details to the data pertaining to you which we already process in your capacity as a member.
    3. You may unsubscribe to our direct marketing messages at any time. To do so, you may click on the link in the relevant message or contact us using the contact details below.
  7. Cookies

    1. A cookie is a small text file that we store on your device if you agree. Our website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users of our website. Cookies also provide us with information about how this website is used so we can keep it is as up to date, relevant and error-free as possible. website uses:

      • - myfonts counter
      • - NewRelic
      • - Piwik
      • - Visual Website Optimizer

      You can find more information about the individual cookies we use and the purposes for which we use them in the table "Cookie Policy".

      Please note that certain cookies may be set the moment you start visiting this website. You can choose to manage the cookies we use on this website through your browser settings at any time. However, if you use your browser settings to block all cookies (including strictly necessary cookies) you may not be able to access all or parts of our site.

      For more information about how to change your browser settings, and about cookies in general, you can visit

      Except for strictly necessary cookies, all cookies will expire after 30 days.

    2. With the aid of cookies we can automatically collect data pertaining to your use of our web shop and the Hunkemöller app. You may find out more about the use of cookies in our Cookie Policy.
  8. Social media

    1. Hunkemöller uses social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you follow us on our social media accounts or communicate with us through your own social media account, we may process the details of your social media account public profile. Depending on the settings of your profile and the action which you opt for (such as liking our news reports on Facebook), our marketing and news reports may be displayed on your contents page.
    2. If you communicate with us through social media (for example, by placing content on our profile page, sending us personal messages or tweets (or retweets), or liking messages, we may process your personal data in order to reply to your messages or to respond to the interests that you display.
  9. Supply of personal data to other parties

    1. When necessary, any business constituting part of the group to which Hunkemöller belongs may gain access to your personal data. In addition, Hunkemöller may supply your personal data to government bodies if it is legally required to do so or in the event that it is defending its rights in legal proceedings.
    2. When processing your personal data, Hunkemöller may avail itself of services provided by others. Such service providers, who are selected with due care, will act as a processing agent on Hunkemöller's behalf . We have made arrangements with those service providers with regard to the security and protection of your personal data.