Sunday stories

Our Sunday Stories collection offers you everything for a relaxed and stylish Sunday at home. This collection places particular emphasis on comfortable, breathable and luxurious materials. You will find simple designs here that make a statement with abstract prints. Sunday Stories is the most modern nightwear collection at Hunkemöller, which you should not miss as a real fashionista. You will find the perfect outfit here to spend a whole Sunday in bed.

Sunday Stories

Breakfast in bed

There is hardly anything better than breakfast in bed on a Sunday. Whilst indulging on a delicious Acai-bowl in bed, you can wear a trendy pyjama from the Sunday Stories collection. Discover beautiful and bold prints that immediately set a good mood for your day!



The Sunday Stories collection also consists of trendy accessories such as make-up bags, slippers and sleep masks. Everything you need for ultimate comfort and style at home. Shop the entire collection now below!


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