Lingerie that makes you feel sexy

When it comes down to lingerie. You want to surprise your guy with some gorgeous lingerie but you have no clue what he likes? We have 6 lingerie tips with which you will make his heart beat faster.

1. Black = always good

According to him black is considered as mysterious and sexy. Go for a black bra and matching knickers (perhaps a set with a subtle touch of lace) or wear a beautiful body. Anything black will do.
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2. Don't give it all away

He thinks it is super sexy if your lingerie is not too revealing so you leave something for imagination (even though he already knows). Don't cover everything up, but go for laced items. This way you still show some skin. Brazilians are also a great option, they cover just enough, but still give him a sneak peek.
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3. kinky lingerie

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He'll appreciate something naughty every now and then. Do you usually wear a lot of basics? Try something with straps or lace. Or go for a thong instead of knickers. Want to embrace your naughty self? Discover the Private Collection.

4. Sexy hosiery

Finish off your look with some sexy hosiery. Wear a beautiful pair of stockings with some suspenders and he doesn't know what hit him. Especially if you don't wear these that often - you'll make him feel very special. Wear a pair of heels and it will be the icing on his cake.
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5. Don't fancy black? Go red

If he'd had to choose a colour that he'd like you to wear it is definitely red. Why? It has something cheeky but it is still classy. Sure pastel colours are pretty, but he prefers naughty over cute.
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6. Sleeping beauty

If it were up to him we wouldn't wear anything when going to bed (keep on dreaming) ;) but if he had to choose he thinks negligees are the perfect nightwear item. The thin fabric illustrate your curves and that's something he likes!
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Don't forget that there's no accounting for taste, your guy might be into all this, or maybe not.. Plus always wear lingerie that makes you feel good (apart from this, self confidence is definitely a turn on). If you know what to do with these tips: enjoy! ;)