Honeymoon essentials

What to pack for your honeymoon!

Your special day is almost there! You can’t wait to finally wear your wedding dress and till the moment that you can say “I do”! And of course you are also pretty excited about your honeymoon. You and your new spouse, a romantic destination (hopefully with loads of sun), enjoying your time together without a care in the world. But what should you pack for your honeymoon? To help you out, we have selected some honeymoon essentials (covering your lingerie needs) that you should definitely bring with!

Gorgeous bridal lingerie

Wear beautiful bridal lingerie and surprise your hubby on the first night of your honeymoon! Think of a white laced bra with matching knickers and finish the look with suspenders and stockings.


“Something blue”

Of course we can’t leave out something blue! Even if you are not that superstitious, it is hard not to like a cute blue pair of briefs. Or go with something more subtle and pick something with some blue details, for example this sexy garter belt.

Something naughty..

A lace body, cheeky knickers or a sexy babydoll.. Also bring some naughty items on your honeymoon as we know that this will be very much appreciated!



Definitely don’t forget to bring something comfy such as a beautiful slip dress or simply a pair of pyjamas! Because sometimes you and your hubby will want to just chill and relax.


A nice scent

Scents can make memories come alive! Pick a nice scent and take this with on your honeymoon. This way you will be reminded of this beautiful time whenever you wear the same scent again!


A (sexy) bikini and beach accessories

As we often choose to visit the sun when going on a honeymoon its essential to bring nice swimwear! Don’t forget to bring beach accessories such as a sun hat or beach wraps to fashionably enjoy the sun.