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What his gift tells you about your relationship

What his Valentines gift tells you about your relationship

We all know that men sometimes are not exactly the best at expressing their feelings... During Valentines Day you can easily find out his true feelings towards you just by having a closer look at the gift you received. Because actions speak louder than words! Whether you are in a new relationship or you are dating for years - his gift to you will reveal more than you would have expected.


When you receive perfume from your partner it clearly sends the message that he likes you well-groomed and looking elegant. He loves your appearance and wants you to keep maintaining it. His and your image are also very important to him.


Trip together

He planned a trip to somewhere special – how exciting! What this means for your relationship: You are very important to him and he wants to create memories together. This way you can look back on those memories together when you are older. He definitely is in it for the long run! He got you a travel-set on top? Lucky you! He really knows what women need and would do anything to make you feel comfortable.

Cosy pyjamas

If you receive cozy pyjamas, cuddly pillows or warm sweater that make you look unbelievable cute – then you know: He is head over heels for you! Messy hair and no make-up on? He doesn’t care about those things, as he loves you for being you. You are his soulmate!

White lingerie

Hij heeft jou onwijs verwend met romantische en prachtige body’s, kimono’s, en/of Bh’s. Alles in het wit! Hmmm… is hij van plan om een aanzoek te doen? Hij is duidelijk tot over zijn oren verliefd en is van plan om de rest van zijn leven met jou te zijn! Ahhh.. Hoe lief is dat! Maak je alvast klaar om ja te zeggen!

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White lingerie

Naughty lingerie

Receiving naughty lingerie this simply means that he enjoys being close to you and cherishes those moments – and clearly wants more of them! He likes when you are feeling your most sexy self and is super attracted to you. Don’t overthink this present by wondering if he is not satisfied.

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Sexy lingerie

Selfcare items

Sleeping masks, cute pillows, fluffy slippers or blankets. He knows you had recently a rough time and thinks that you deserve to relax. He wants to give you the opportunity to do so and to take care of yourself. He is not the selfish type of guy and your well-being is his priority. That surely makes him a keeper!

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Active wear

He is most likely sporty himself and he finds sporty woman very attractive. He loves when you are working out – and of course the effect it has on your body. These yoga pants also do make your bum look very perky and he likes the look of that. If you enjoy working out too then you have found the perfect partner that you can be active with together.

Frying pan or any practical present that you really don’t want or need

It just means one thing. You should really consider breaking up with him. No explanation needed.