5 tips to get what you want for Christmas!

Does Santa always spoil you? Or does your partner have a hard time reading your mind? Perhaps your partner does not know where to start.. And you are being to humble to tip him/her off on what you'd really like to get.. Or maybe they do get your style right, but unfortunately get you the wrong sizes. With these tips you can make it easier for them! Help out your lover and discover 5 ways to find the right presents under the tree!

  1. 1. Use internet history to your advantage!
  2. Leave your recent internet session open on your laptop, and then preferbly on the item that you'd really like to get. Make sure to already select the right sizes if applicable. Casually leave your screen open and place your laptop somewhere where he/she can't miss it.

  3. 2. 'Leave easter eggs'
  4. You aren't living together? Leave some easter eggs behind. You want to receive a gorgeous lingerie set or a beautifull bra? Make sure to "forget" one of your favorite bras that has the perfect fit! This way it is easy for your partner to get your size right and an impression of your style!

3. Make a wishlist

Create an online wishlist with all the goodies you really like. This way you can also select the right sizes and colours. Go for a subtle approach as in idea 1 and leave your laptop or tablet in sight. Or share your wishlist via mail to know for sure that your partner will read your wishlist.

Make a wishlist

Inspiration for your wishlist

  1. 4. Direct approach
  2. If you know that your partner is not good with hints, it is also ok to be straight forward (as long as you do it in a nice way). Just tell him/her that you've seen this really nice item and that you'd love to get it as a christmas present. Especially guys can sometimes appreciate it if you are being distinct.

  3. 5. Ask for a giftcard
  4. You don't feel like playing hints or you rather pick a present yourself? Or perhaps you don't know what to ask. Then it is ok to ask for giftcards. Then you can always include your partner and go out for a day of shopping (if they enjoy this too).

Gift inspiration