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I have a complaint, who should I contact?

If you are unhappy with an article or our service, we would like to hear from you! 

If you have any questions, Customer Service is available via chat, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.
You often get the fastest response via chat. 

If you have any questions, Customer Service is available on: +44-80 0368 0351, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. 

You can also contact us by filling in the contact form.
We are extremely busy at the moment so it may take 3-5 working days for you to receive a reply.

Data Privacy related questions.

Hunkemöller B.V. is committed to protecting your personal data. It’s your information, and we respect that. Our Privacy Policy gives you detailed information on when and why we collect your personal data, how we use it and how we keep it secure.

If you would like to delete, update, transfer or have access to your personal data, please use our contact form on the website:

1. Go to ‘contact’ and fill in the mandatory fields

2. Choose subject ‘Data Privacy’

3. Send the form

We will get in contact with you within 14 days after your request. It is possible that we will ask you for further information.

How can I determine the right size and fit?

Bra sizes are based on two values: a number representing your band size (measured around your body just under your breasts), and a letter representing your cup size (size (determined by calculating the difference between the size measured over your breasts and your band size). Learn how to determine your correct bra size.

What is the best way to wash my items?

Always wash new items before wearing. Red and dark items should be washed separately.

Go to our washing instructions page for more information.

Where can I find my nearest Hunkemöller store?

At the moment there are no physical stores yet in the UK.

You can find all Hunkemöller stores in our storelocator.

Go to the storelocator, enter your zip code or city name and find your nearest Hunkemöller store.