See the Duckie Thot for Hunkemöller Collection


Introducing Duckie Thot

Fierce, sexy and determined: Duckie Thot is the embodiment of a modern woman. And here at Hunkemöller we’re excited to finally bring our stunning new collection, created together with Duckie, to the world. At just 24 years of age Duckie Thot is the South-Sudanese/Australian top model taking the fashion industry by storm, and along the way, bringing her message of inclusivity to the world..

Supporting Black Lives Matter

Duckie is a passionate advocate for Black women’s rights, and the Black Lives Matter movement. After beginning our collaboration in July 2019 this partnership became even more pertinent as the Black Lives Matter movement gathered momentum during 2020. As a Black woman working in the fashion industry, Duckie offered a unique and valuable perspective on how we at Hunkemöller could challenge ourselves and reach even further with our inclusivity strategy.

Along with creative collaboration Duckie provided input into both campaign and marketing strategy for the collection. At her suggestion the HKM X Duckie Thot campaign’s social media will feature a paid influencer drive with all Black women. As well as a call for customers to donate to ENAR (European Network Against Racism), the same charity Hunkemöller has donated to in support of Black Lives Matter.