Front fastening bras

Push-up bras, strapless bras, bras with or without padding.. There are so many different bras! So what are front fastening bras?! Find out now!

What is a front fastening bra?

A bra with front fastening is a bra that you can close at the front. Usually a bra has its bra hooks on the back of the bra, but a front fastening bra has the closure between its cups. This way you can easily fasten the bra on the front.


Why wear a front fastening bra?

A front fastening bra is handy to wear if its hard for you to reach the back of your bra. Because the closure is in the front you don't have to struggle to reach the back which makes it easier to put on your bra. Apart from the convenience, our front fastening bras have detailed backs e.g. a racerback with lace. Hence, front fastening bras are not only convenient but also make a fashion statement!

Front fastening sport bras

Did you know that we don't only have bras that have a front fastening, but also front fastening sports bras? A front fastening sports bra is very handy when doing excercises that require you to lie on your back. Because the closure is in the front, you don't lie down on the zipper so this doesn't bother you during your work-out!