Bra tips for bigger bust

When you have a bigger bust it can sometimes be hard to find the right bra. It’s not only very important that you wear the right bra size but also that the bra your wearing has the right fit and gives your breasts the support they need. Read our bra tips and find out which elements are important when looking for a bra for bigger boobs.

Tip 1: Choose a bra with a thicker bra band

Did you know that the bra band is the one element of your bra that provides most support? A bra with a thicker bra band will provide even more support and comfort. It is a perfect bra for larger breasts as it also prevents your breasts from rubbing against the skin of your chest.


tip 2: Try a bra with full cups

A bra with full cups basically covers the whole breast. This is not only comfortable as this will make your breasts fit in the cup properly, but it also prevents your breast from spilling over your cups and turning into a so called “quadboob”.


Tip 3: Pay attention to the bra straps

The straps are there to keep everything in place but they also provide support. If you have larger breasts it is good to pick a bra with wide bra straps as wearing these will be more comfortable than wearing thin straps. Especially since these straps won’t dig into your shoulders.


Tip 4: Pick a bra with extra wires on the side

The extra wires on the side of your bra provide extra support. They are placed next to the under wires and push your breasts a bit to the front so the underwire sits properly under your breasts. They also help prevent the under wires from digging into your sides.


Tip 5: Try on a minimizer

When you want to make your breast seem smaller you could try out a minimizer bra. This is a bra that directs your boobs towards your chest instead of forward. This bra is perfect if you want to wear shirts of which the buttons pop off with a regular bra.