Bra Hacks

Us women know all about bras! We can't live with or without them.. That's why we have these 7 handy bra hacks for you. Discover our tips & tricks

1. New bra? Wear your bra on the loosest hook.
Your bra can stretch over time, especially when you wear it often. That's why it is best to wear your new bra on its loosest hook. If it stretches you can make it tighter when necessary.

2. Use a fashion clip to keep your straps together.
Perfect if you want to wear a racerback shirt of dress without investing in a racerback bra. Don't have a Fashion Clip? Use a paperclip.

3. Digging bra straps? Use silicone bra strap pads!
How we hate digging bra straps! We've seen many bra hacks where one can use pant liners (?!) to prevent your bra straps from digging, but did you know that there is a better solution? Use silicone bra strap pads! Just place these on your shoulders and problem solved!

4. Use a washing bag if you want your bras to last longer.
The best way to wash your bras is by hand, but obviously we don't always have the time to do this (or feel like it). The solution: use a washing bag. This way you won't damage your bra (and your other clothes).

5. Turn a regular bra into a strapless bra.
Is your strapless bra in the laundry? Wear a regular bra as a strapless bra! How? Keep the back straps hooked in, bring these across the front and hook onto the other side. 

6. Use your adhesive bra to create the perfect cleavage!
Use your stick on bra (adhesive bra) to create more cleavage. Just use them as extra bra filling (or check out these tips to make your breast look bigger)!

7. Wearing a bralette but don't want to show off your nipples? Use nipple covers!
You usually wear Nipple Covers as a bra solution but you can also use them as a solution for above problem. Alternative solution: use the filling of a bikini top (if it has removable filling)!