Hunkemöller’s Complaints Mechanism 

Do you have any legal or ethical compliance violations related to Hunkemöller’s activities you would like to report on? 

You can report your complaint here: 

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If the system asks you for the organisation code, please enter 111021. 

This channel is NOT intended for order or product related issues. For that, please contact our Customer Service through the Chat function or through the Dutch number (+31)35-646-5412 from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00 Dutch time. 


Why does Hunkemöller have a Complaints Mechanism?

Hunkemöller is committed to operating as a sustainable business which is environmentally sound, respects human rights and ensures fair, safe and healthy working conditions across our global supply chain.  

To support this goal, Hunkemöller has established sustainability policies and practices as well as an Ethical Code of Conduct which our suppliers, agents, licensees and other related service providers are expected to follow. Hunkemöller also strives to follow the same internal policies, international human rights norms, including international labour standards and environmental laws and regulations. 

Despite the best intentions and efforts, incidents and complaints might occur across our value chain. Hunkemöller is committed to building a culture of trust and openness and to ensuring effective complaints mechanisms are in place for people to raise issues and access remedy.  

This Complaints Mechanism is an important aspect of our ongoing human rights due diligence and our strategic focus on promoting workers’ voices and well-functioning industrial relations in our markets. We believe the most effective way to ensure respect for human rights and good working conditions is to enable and empower individuals to Speak Up®. 

What is the complaints mechanism and who can make use of it?

A ‘complaint’ is defined as any type of problem, concern, or complaint originated from an act, omission, situation, or decision related to legal or ethical violations, such as but not limited to: 

  • Forced labour 

  • Bribery & corruption 

  • Child labour  

  • Discrimination, violence and (sexual) harassment 

  • Disregarding freedom of association or collective bargaining 

  • Disregarding occupational health and safety and building safety 

  • Human rights abuses connected with environmental damages  

  • Theft 

  • Unlawful displacement of persons 

  • Violence on the part of security forces 

  • Withholding of fair remuneration 

This External Complaints Mechanism is intended for any individuals, communities and organisations negatively affected by HKM’s activities and those of our suppliers, agents, licensees and other related service providers. It encourages them to raise their complaints without fear of victimisation, retaliation or disadvantage.  

We, therefore, treat all reports confidentially. No communication and procedural steps towards remediation will disclose any sensitive or personal information. A complainant’s personal details will only be made available to Hunkemöller employees or agents involved in the complaint process, when the complainant decides to share such information.  

This system is NOT intended for Hunkemöller’s employees. If you are a Hunkemöller employee, you can make use of the Whistleblower Mechanism.  

How do we handle your complaints?

All complaints will be processed internally within seven (7) working days by Hunkemöller’s General Counsel and Sustainability Manager, who will ensure that such complaints are dealt with promptly, fairly and in accordance with other related policies and applicable legislation. 

HKM will investigate complaints and their surrounding circumstances. These investigations will involve dialogue with stakeholders and, if necessary, may involve consultation with the complainant. We will strive to complete the process of investigating the incoming complaints and identifying a resolution within 60 calendar days, and in more complex cases – within 75 calendar days of the receipt of the complaint.