When should you buy new underwear?

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How often do you change bras? Or do you not change them at all? Did you know that your bra lasts an average of 8 months and then needs to be replaced? Of course, it depends on how you handle your bra (read: way of washing, storage). Do you take turns wearing different bras or do you have an all-time favourite that you secretly put on every day? At some point it is really time for a new bra!

Is it time for a new bra?

When is it time to replace your bra? This depends on how often you wash your bras, if you wash by hand or in the washing machine, and how often you wear the bras. A new bra every six months is a reasonable purchase. Want to know for sure if you need to replace your bra? Have a quick check to see if you’re experiencing any one of these issues:

1. Damage

Worn patches, bent hook and eyes, underwire broken or sticking out? Unfortunately, it’s time to bid your bra goodbye, and to go looking for your new favourite piece of lingerie.

2. Too small / too large

The female body changes over time. Your breasts could shrink in size or get larger. Help your body and provide it with the right support. 

3. Not comfortable

You wear a bra (almost) every day for the support. Once your bra no longer fits you properly, then yes … it’s time for a replacement! You should feel a properly fitting bra while you’re wearing it. Research has shown that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. Get yourself measured in one of our shops, then you can be sure you’ll get the right fit for you.

4. Bra too loose

When you buy a new bra, you should always try it on with the loosest fit. This is a good idea because a bra can stretch after being worn for a longer time. So, if you hook it on the loosest position, it can always be tightened up afterwards. Are you wearing your bra at the tightest position because the elastic has failed? Then it’s time for new bra!