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Lingerie sets: a bra cannot live without a matching thong and brazilian

Usually your lingerie is not the first piece of garment that others will see. Nevertheless, it is a special garment. Especially since it can be of great influence on the way you feel. Wearing a matching lingerie set can really boost your confidence. Apart from the fact that lingerie is beautiful, lingerie is also something feminine. Hence, when combining a beautiful bra with matching knickers, you often feel more confident and sexy because you know that you are wearing something beautiful or special underneath your outfit. So why wouldn’t we wear matching lingerie every day? We often spent time on creating an outfit we like anyways, so why wear knickers that do not match with your bra. Besides, wearing beautiful lingerie finishes your outfit.

Mix & Match

A fun thing about lingerie sets is that you can also mix & match. You can for instance combine different bottoms with the same bra. As a result you have created two different sets with only one bra. You could choose to match that beautiful lace bra with a string on one day and match it with comfortable but sexy briefs on the another. Actually it is always a good idea to at least buy two matching pair of knickers when you are shopping for bra’s. That way you have two beautiful lingerie sets with only one bra. When you are shopping for matching knickers it is wise to take into account the different fits. Some fits are more appropriate then others when wearing specific garments. For example, thongs go really well underneath your skinny jeans whilst Brazilian knickers are fitting for under a skirt.

Go all out!

If you really want to go all out (or just feel like treating yourself), you can finish your lingerie set with matching hosiery. Want to give your lingerie set an extra sexy touch? Combine your set with matching hold-ups and stockings. Perfect for those special occasions. Or you could pick a beautiful pair of tights to give your outfit an extra boost. You could go for a pair with lace details to make your outfit extra special. These are the perfect tights for underneath your party dress. Most of the time us women carefully select what to wear and pay extra attention to matching our outfit. But we do not always seem to do so when it concerns our lingerie. In principle every woman wears lingerie, it is the first thing you put on when getting dressed in the morning. And perhaps for some occasions we might dress up and wear a beautiful lingerie set, but often this is not the case. And that is such a shame! So remember: a bra cannot live without a pair of thongs and knickers! And you can never own enough of either. Plus: matching your lingerie could give your confidence a boost. So don’t hold back, and just treat yourself! To get you inspired we have selected these beautiful lingerie sets.