Tips for Tights

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We’ve all been there: finally managed to put together a killer outfit, tights and all only to find them ripped at your destination. How?! Tights… tricky things if you ask us. Just bought a new pair of tights and immediately find a run? With these tips you’ll never have to worry about those rips again! Plus: How to make them last longer.

1. Buy one size larger

If you have a tough time pulling your pantihose over your knees, and you don’t want to be pulling it too hard, increasing the risk of laddering, always buy your pantihose a size (and up to two sizes) larger. Then you will get your pantihose on much safer, without it sagging down over your knees because it’s too big. Do you have long legs? If you do, choose a bigger size tights. The same goes for small, curvy gals. It’s important to have a good sense of your body type. From 1.70 m, we recommend size L/XL.

2. Pay attention to the denier

Denier indicates the thickness of tights, the higher the number to thicker the fabric is. Thicker tights lessen the chance of runs. Now we know those thick tights aren’t always the most fashionable thing ever. So should you want a thin tight don’t buy those from the supermarket ( yes we know, they’re convenient. ) but pick one that’s a little more expensive and high quality

3. In the freezer

We know, this may seem weird. But place your new tights in the freezer before wearing them! This will work miracles for it’s life span! Dip it in water, wring it out and place it in the freezer! ( in a bag of course ) and leave it overnight! This does require a bit of planning though, but if you keep your pantyhose in a plastic bag in the freezer, and you don’t forget to take them out the day before you wear them again, the material remains firmer and hopefully they won’t ladder so quickly.

4. Reinforce the seams

Check if your tights have a reinforced seam at the feet. A big toe sticking out of your tights is not a very charming sight and it feels very uncomfortable as well. When you are wearing extremely thin tights, you can prevent this by wearing footies underneath the tights. Make sure the footies are thin, or your shoes will be way too tight.