Tips for keeping your bra beautiful

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We all have them, favourite lingerie sets that we love to wear every day. But did you know that a bra actually needs to be replaced after 8 months? We all want our bras to last as long as possible. Bras make sure our breasts are looking beautifully shaped all day long, which is why they deserve some extra attention. Here's five tips on how to keep your bras beautiful.

1. Know your labels

If you look at laundry symbols on your most loved fashion items and feel total confusion, you’re not alone. Avoid guessing and hoping for the best! Getting to know wash and care symbols can keep your favourites looking good for longer – and save you time and money. Read those little labels in your garments to make sure you wash the right way and at the right temperature. Remember, every item is different; from bras to slips and body's to kimono's!

2. If you can, always hand was

Hand washing will not only save you water and energy, it also good for your bras. On average, a bra needs to be washed after you have worn it four times. Do you do a lot of exercise? As you sweat more during exercise, it’s best to wash your sports bras after you have worn them twice. We recommend hand washing bras. Why? It will help your bra retain its elasticity and so last longer. No time to wash your bras by hand? Put your bras inside a mesh bag and then put the bag in the washing machine at the lowest setting. 

3. Store bras in shape

Bras without underwiring can simply be folded double, but padded bras are best left in shape and piled up in your chest of drawers. Store your bra with both cups open – never put one cup inside the other. That way, your bra will retain its shape and you can enjoy it for longer!