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    5 loungewear outfits for an evening at home

    Whoever said you can only wear nightwear in bed, clearly did not know how it feels to exchange your outfit of the day for something comfy when you come home after a long day of work or school. Nightwear is the perfect loungewear! We have created 5 outfits of the night (OOTN) including pyjamas, slipdresses, robes and onesies that are both comfy and fashionable. Now you have the perfect outfit for any night at home.

    loungewear set with fleece sweater, legging, hot watter bottle and slippers hot water bottle gift set sweater fleece fleece legging slippers Image Map

    OOTN: Me time

    This outfit is the perfect outfit for some me time. Whether you are finally starting in that good book or give in to your guilty pleasure (read: chocolate and your favorite reality show), in this outfit you are ready to enjoy your me time! Combine this fleece sweater with matching legging for ultimate comfort. Finish your outfit with these soft socks and ballerina slippers and stay warm with this fluffy hot water bottle and enjoy your evening.

  • loungewear set mug, socks, onesie, slippers thermal mug non-slip socks sheep onesie sheep slippers Image Map

    OOTN: Netflix and chill

    A cozy night at home with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your favorite netflix show and snacks a.k.a. an ultimate chill night. But what to wear when you are lounging on the couch? A soft and fluffy onesie of course! Add a pair of socks and these slippers for extra coziness and keep your feet warm at the same time. Drink some hot chocolate (or anything else you like) in this thermal mug and you are good to go!

  • loungewear set pillow, slippers, make-up bag, pyjamas slippers bear make-up bag fleece pyjama set Image Map

    OOTN: Girls night

    Your friends are coming over for a girls night! Lots of gossip and hanging out, perhaps getting ready for a party later that evening. But what to wear when you do not want to wear your party outfit during diner and doing your make-up? Wear this comfy checkered flanel pj set with these cozy bear slippers as a pre-party outfit. Use this cute make-up bag for your make-up stash, lay down some big fake fur pillows to chill on and let the fun begin! This outfit is also perfect for when you girls are staying in the rest of the evening.

  • loungewear set robe, pyjamas, hood, socks pyjama set hood socks zipper robe Image Map

    OOTN: Lazy sunday

    Technically speaking a lazy Sunday refers to a whole day rather than only an evening but since we often wear a chill outfit on a lazy Sunday, we have selected the perfect outfit for you to wear when you do not feel like getting dressed up. Wear this PJ set with these warm and cozy knitted socks. Add this warm and fluffy robe if you are really cold. Are you planning to lounge on the coach? Snuggle up with this cute and soft rabbit hood/scarf. This outfit is super comfy and perfect for a lazy sunday.

  • loungewear set eye mask, open shoes, slipdress eye mask open shoes slipdress lace kimono chiffon lace Image Map

    OOTN: Sexy nights

    On some occassions you might want to wear some sexy nightwear rather than a fluffy onesie. Combine this sexy satin and lace slipdress with this beautiful kimono made of chiffon, lace and satin. Perhaps add these feather mules and this satin eye mask to spice up your outfit. The lace and satin make these nightwear items not only sexy but also comfy. So you don’t have to choose between comfort and sexiness.