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Winter hacks: how to deal with frizzy hair, woolly sweaters and dry skin

Are you excited about winter? Read: lots and lots of layers, that lovely winter coat, your favourite boots and ice skating and/or skiing. We also spend a lot of time at home (couch-dating in comfy loungewear) and it’s the ideal time to try out some delicious (and healthy) recipes. Yum! That said, there are a few beauty winter hacks that are sure to come in handy. Because how do you deal with frizzy hair, itchy woollen sweaters and dry skin? Read the answers here!

Woollen sweaters: Go or no go?
It’s cold outside and you definitely want to wear your woollen sweater today. But sometimes all that itching can really drive you crazy and after just a few minutes you’re thinking: maybe not. Been there? Our solution: wear a high-necked T-shirt with long sleeves under your sweater. If that doesn’t work, put your sweater in a bowl of cold water with a dash of white vinegar, leave to soak for 15 minutes and repeat but this time with conditioner. Problem solved!

Frizz, frizzy, frizzier
You know the story: your hair is all over the place and the cold winter weather just makes it worse and worse. Luckily, we have some tricks for you. Put your brush in the fridge (yes, you read that right), wear 100% natural materials and treat your hair to a hair mask. If you wear a hat outdoors, spray some hairspray inside the hat. Bye-bye static & frizzy hair!

Dry skin…
Does your skin feel just that bit rougher in the winter and do you have trouble hydrating it? Get moisturising! Use enough cream to properly moisturise your skin all over after a nice shower. Use a cream with a slightly higher fat content than normal (oil is OK too) and avoid water-based creams. Also try taking shorter and less hot showers for a while, that will definitely do your skin some good.

Make it through the winter with these quick tips! Don’t forget our big sexy sale and shop a cosy outfit while you still can!