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Last minute & low budget Valentine’s Day date tips

Valentine’s Day. The time of year to really take it up several notches with your partner and go all out on the romance. Oh, did we just remind you that in a few days it will be Valentine’s Day, and did the occasion perhaps slip your mind? No problemo. Simply take a minute to read these last minute & low budget Valentine’s Day date tips.

First date 2.0
Reliving your first date, it’s guaranteed to be a big success. It’s super romantic to do it all over again (without all the awkwardness). Whether you went to the cinema, out to dinner, or invited your partner home for the evening, reliving the experience will make it feel like the first time, and the sparks will fly! How very romantic.

A truly romantic winter activity is, of course, skating. Cuddling to warm up after being out on the ice for a while, sipping hot chocolate (with whipped cream of course) rinkside. It’s so easy to arrange, low budget, and sooo romantic! The ultimate win-win situation.

Home chef
Are you the one who is always slaving away in the kitchen? Then perhaps Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to switch roles and try something new. This can result in some very special moments, and that means romance! It’s a perfect combination: you don’t have to cook for a change, and the meal is sure to be a surprise. The perfect date!

Alone together
A hotel room need not cost the earth, especially when you book last minute. A perfect moment for you to be alone together, with everything you could wish for: breakfast, champagne, and a wonderful, private room. And you still have time to shop for that perfect Valentine’s lingerie set.

Pyjama party
A pyjama party is by no means confined to girlfriends: it’s a great way to spend time with your lover too! Spend the entire day in your loungewear. Relax over a long, drawn-out breakfast or brunch, take a leisurely bath together, watch a film – the possibilities are boundless. Shut out the outside world and enjoy a relaxing day together, unabashed and uninterrupted. Finally, a moment to truly enjoy each other’s company.

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