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TIPS on stepping out of your comfort zone

Would you like to challenge yourself and get away from just being ‘normal’? To reach your goal, you will have to step out of your comfort zone. It’s time for change! From now on, do what you really want to do. Just how do you take the first steps to get out of your comfort zone? We have listed some tips for you.

This is how you step out of your comfort zone
When last did you try something new? If you really have to dig deep, it’s time for a change. When you prefer to stay as far as possible from all that’s new and exciting, this will be a daunting task for you. But for you, the reward afterwards will be great once you have had a lot of fun, and you will be looking for more. Trust us!

Open your mind
When you open yourself up to do things that fall outside your comfort zone, it is important not to have any expectations, so you won’t be disappointed. Be clear in what you do and don’t want, but don’t be swayed by your own expectations.

Take baby steps
If stepping out of your comfort zone is a huge threshold for you, start with small steps at your own pace. Thus, you will dare to do it quicker, and you will also actually do so. See what you can add to your daily life and build step by step on that.

Discuss your plans with others
By sharing your plans with others, you also make the plan more tangible. They will regularly ask questions, so you will also be more likely to continue. Once you have achieved your goal, talking about the result is also something that will give you a lot of satisfaction.

Accept that things may turn out differently
When a situation turns out differently than you had hoped for, you need not be disheartened. Take the time to think it over, see it as a learning moment and have faith in your next step.

Don’t worry about what others think of you
Are you all excited about your plan but there is someone who totally disagrees with you? Listen to what someone has to say and see what you can do with this information. Especially when you are sensitive to what others have to say, it is good to hold on to your own goal. It’s your path you are going to take, and you do this with me, myself and I. You know yourself best!

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