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Ways to practice self-love and be good to yourself

Self-love, your relationship with yourself might seem insignificant for some to pay attention to while others are aware of the importance but might be are unsure on how to begin the journey. Afterall self-love is a journey, not a set destination but a path we can choose to follow. This path will lead us to a better life, for if you think you deserve the best why would you accept less? So here are some tips from us to start living your best life.💕

Express yourself – Find your passion, your outlet, your way of connecting to your emotions and intuition. Discover where you find that you can really let yourself, your creativity and passion flow and start doing it as much as you can. Doing what you love allows you to disconnect from everything else happening and do something fulfilling. This can be everything whether it is sports, art or something else. Just find it and do it.

Fake it till you make it – This might seem a bit strange, but fake it till you make it. Even though you might feel like it is not true when you look in the mirror and compliment yourself on something after a while you will. If you act like you believe what you tell yourself, if you carry yourself with the thought yes, I am a bad bitch you will become a bad bitch #facts. Look into the mirror more, compliment yourself more, look yourself in the eyes and accept what you see – You are beautiful, deserving, complex and important. Trust us.

Open up
– Yes, this is hard and yes this is necessary. You have to learn to open yourself up, show your authentic self so then those that love you really love YOU and not some persona. This also means when you are sad show it, and let others care for and nurture you. Help others and let them help you, self-love is not something you have to do alone! #squadgoals

Happy place
– Find your happy place, either a physical one or a mental one. Is it the woods, the beach, when you think about old happy memories, thinking about your ideal future, or is it when you look put together? Maybe even wearing that one set of lingerie.. you know the one 😉 Find your happy place, stay there as often as you can and absorb.

Reflect – Learn more about yourself, what really annoys you, what do you enjoy, who are in my circle and why do they contribute to my life? Why am I carrying certain things with me? What can I do to change what I don’t like and what can I do to accept what I cannot change? Change what is needed for you to love yourself and surroundings and treat yourself when you do. Whether it is buying that body you have had in your wishlist since forever or maybe buy that one cupcake from the bakery that you love.

– Build up a healthy routine. What is your sleep schedule? Are you really getting those 8 hours? Are you actually giving your body the nutrients it needs? Eat more fruit, vegetables, your favorite carbs🍕 and drink water! Start practicing (Yes, I am going to say the annoying word) Mindfulness.. Perhaps start meditating, exercising, yoga or download some mindfulness apps on your smartphones. Create clarity for yourself. Motivation needed? Check out the HKMX collection.

In conclusion, view yourself as you wish the world would view you, as you wish your loved one views you or even how you know you should treat yourself.. We hope that with these tips you are some steps closer to truly living your best life. Remember to live life more like your Cher from Clueless, or even Elle Woods from Legally Blond. 💅#selflove